Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The End of the Beginning.

After having handed my first assignment I experienced mixed feelings about this decision; should I have checked it yet again over Monday night or was I right to ‘draw a line’ under it and start focusing on the next tasks. I felt quite relieved as soon as I passed the folder over at the reception desk yet also a little seed of doubt (had I forgotten something?) but at the end of the day there are only so many times a piece of work can be checked and proof read.

I came into college this morning to participate in a group bonding football session and as I was trying get my breath back afterwards reflected on how well the first year students have managed to get on with each other; I hope it lasts as there is currently a good atmosphere and we are all generally willing to cooperate and help each other.

The first half of the first semester has gone quickly for me, although it has apparently been a gentle introduction in terms of workload. I have a sense of achievement from getting through the initial tasks and getting the first assignment in on time (and hopefully complete), also coping with an initially steep learning curve with setting up and using a website control panel, webmail and email on Outlook Express. I am looking forward to developing my website and uploading my creative efforts into it through FTP.

I feel another sense of achievement about returning to education after such a long time in work, and that I have made a positive move in both my professional and personal development. I am apprehensive about the increasing workload in the next term but am also beginning to feel more confident that I can meet these demands and that I have chosen the right course.

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