Friday, 9 January 2009

Back to Reality

We are now back to work after the Christmas break, and it's the last week before two assignments have to be handed in. There's plenty for me to do this week but I did manage to get a fair amount of it ready over the holidays.

Having said that I'm still feeling the pressure- I just realised last night that some of my reference links for my A3 assignment weren't working properly and at first didn't have a clue why. Fortunately when I deleted and re-linked them they were fine. Even though I think I'm just about finished with the assignment I'm still anxious about handing it in in the correct order and not missing or messing up any details such as the date at the footer of the pages, or the naming of the data files.

I have enjoyed the A4 mini assignments and the element of creativity work it has provided, using InDesign to design page layouts and banners, albeit under a bit of pressure. Its a nice way to gradually finish steps towards an assignment. There's just the font and type test next week to get through but with a bit of reading up this should be ok.

I also managed to find time this week to design a 'Type Trumps' card for an in-course competition, using the Eras font which I was assigned. Despite being a bit pushed for time this week I enjoyed designing it and regretted not being able to spend a bit more time on it. But I guess there'll be plenty more opportunities to develop my graphical design skills...

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