Monday, 2 February 2009

Beginning of Semester Two

This is the second week into the second semester and we have just missed a half day due to severe weather. This is disappointing for me as I am eager about learning the technical aspects of the web design such as HTML and CSS, and this afternoon would have covered an introduction to Dreamweaver which I am completely new to.

We have been given some self study work to be getting on with but I am currently not too confident about the A5 usability checklist we need to provide for next week. Looks like I'll be spending a fair amount of time researching WCAG2, Web Standards and other related issues.

Last week included feedback for our two previous assignments A3 and A4 and I was both pleased and relieved to discover that I have passed both of them.

Most of the feedback I received for both of these assignments was positive, although I could have improved on my results by producing some more sketchbook development work, especially for the A3 assignment. I also need to maintain a high standard of time-keeping if I am to achieve better results on future assignments.

Although I am pleased with my results I would like to do better in the next assignments and think this is possible for me to achieve if I put enough work and effort into them.

For the current A6 assignment I have started to create some tutorial hand-outs for our presentation tutorial on Photograph Repairs in Photoshop. I have enjoyed spending time learning the various methods and practising using them, and then making step-by-step guides for other students to refer to. I'm looking forward to learning some new Photoshop techniques during this assignment although I will probably get a bit nervous during our presentation.

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