Wednesday, 26 August 2009

SMLP: Resource list for PHP/MySQL

I intend to explore the most important and commonly used applications of php by developing a website which will incorporate these applications.

This could include: Providing a content management system using MySQL, creating secure contact forms, image galleries, and navigation guides.

This will provide me with working practice and experience of PHP and also provide me with a showpiece website to add to my portfolio.

I intend to use online and textbook tutorial(s) to find out what applications to incorporate into the website and to learn how to write them. To this end I have looked at a number of books on php and have a personal preference for 'PHP Solutions'by David Powers.

My resource list will contain:

1: PHP version 5.3: Open source

2: Apache local server: Open source

3: MySQL: Open source

4: Microsoft Notepad

5: Online tutorials: eg:, WC3 tutorials,

6: Text book: PHP solutions, By David Powers.

7: XHTML and CSS

8: A sketchbook and Digital Imaging software will be used for the website design.

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