Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Web Design Interview Questions

What experience do you have which is relevant to this post?

This would be a good opening question, to allow the interviewer to get a sense of the interviewee’s experience. While the CV should show past posts and qualifications, asking the interviewee to highlight relevant experience will also show how a person can cope with being put on the spot. An interviewee who has prepared in advance should be able to answer this easily and well. A weak answer will illustrate a lack of basic preparation.

Of the portfolio pieces you have shown us, which are you most proud of and why?

This question also allows for an overview of past work, but this time in terms of specific work that has been done. Like the first question, it will also show if there has been preparation. But in addition, it gives a chance to see not only what an interviewee is capable of doing, but also whether they are able to talk about their work. I would follow it up by asking the interviewee to explain the technical basis of one of the pieces in the portfolio. This will go some ways towards showing whether the interviewee is able to communicate with potential clients.

Here is a sample script of PHP. What do you think it might be used for?

This question will show the technical knowledge of the interviewee. It could also show whether the interviewee is able to think laterally to think of a use for a website.

What is the value of teamwork, if any? Describe a situation which you have been involved which required teamwork.

This question moves the interview to more general job requirements. It’s important to not only ask what the interviewee thinks about teamwork, but to ask them to give an example because it’s very easy for people to give the expected ‘right’ answer to a question like this. Asking them to give a real example shows whether or not they actually believe what they say.

Here’s a brief for a logo. Please take ten minutes to sketch a design and prepare to tell us what technical tools you would use to design it.

This question could show the applicant’s ability in a realistic situation. It will challenge the interviewee in terms of both the more creative, graphic side of the job and the technical side. In addition, it will reveal whether the interviewee is able to talk about their work to a potential client (an important requirement in the job description). Lastly, it will show what a person is able to do under pressure.

Here is an example of a working brief. Can you comment on the design and say what you like about it, as well as any improvements you might make.

This question could show the interviewee’s level of knowledge design considerations such as PARC principles and use of grids in layout. It could allow them to show both what they know when they describe the brief, and their ability to solve problems or be creative in suggesting changes or improvements.

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