Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Target Audience Profiles

Target Profile 1: Tutors and Peers

With this group in mind, my web presence needs to emphasise both technical competence and graphic design competence. Within technical competence I will need to show my ability in semantic coding while also having a high degree of usability and accessibility. Additionally, my work needs to validate to w3c standards.

The graphic design competence will ensure that all websites are easy to read with information at the right level. The navigation must be clear and obvious. The websites need to have an appropriate grid layout and show evidence of PARC principles.

In terms of content, I would highlight samples of my work that I am most pleased with. Drawing on my strengths, I would want to showcase my work which has the most visual interest. On a more practical level, the site should be easy for me to navigate during the presentation of my work.

Target Profile 2: Potential Clients for Freelance Work

The aim for this target group is to attract sole traders, small businesses and individuals who want an attractive yet straightforward website to provide them with an online presence. This group will be interested in websites that not only displays their business or services, but also has effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO.)

It is also important that websites provide key information at a glance. In order for clients to see that I am a competent web designer, my website has to appeal to them and show that I can deliver what they require, which is basic but effective websites. If I end up working freelance I might adjust my portfolio once I finish the course to highlight the work I’ve done for clients, for example, the websites we will produce during our team projects.

I might also add other information such as prices and services and change the content to describe myself as a freelance web designer instead of a recent graduate. I think the emphasis for this profile will be to show off live work together with a clear outline of costs.

The theme should be a balance between friendliness and professional competence.

Target Profile 3: Potential Employers

The emphasis with this group in mind will be to show off my work experience, as this is what companies will mainly want to see.

I want to accentuate my key strengths which are the graphic and illustrative side of web design together with my competence in basic coding and any new skills that I might acquire after leaving this course, such as Flash.

I would also highlight some elements that show technical flair, such as using image sprites in the navigation, a contact page that uses a PHP feedback form, and also using PHP to show the current date and time at the top of my website. However I don’t want to have too many gimmicks that could make the website cluttered and confusing to use.

My work should keep to a clean and professional feel to appeal to this profile group, with a clear emphasis on any live work experience as well qualifications. I will also include my experience in other types of design industry, worded to sound as relevant as possible. Even though it may be a different area, it shows that I have experience in the design industry.

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