Friday, 1 May 2009

One Last Hurdle...

Well, the last few weeks of the first year are upon us and the deadline for the last assignment is looming. Fortunately the assignment has been divided up into various stages which has so far gone well for me (I think).

The very first task was to listen to the music and create a review of it in five hundred words, which was quite difficult for me as it involved expressive writing and trying to avoid various cliches about music and art.

The logo design was next, and we had to develop three logos, one of which was selected by the 'client' during a sales pitch. I found it quite difficult trying to sell the designs and try to make them sound special and unique. I also felt under pressure from the rest of the seminar group who were also judging my sales pitch.

I was happy enough with the selected logo, although I had also put a lot of work into trying to design 3-d style logos.All of the logo designs involved learning how to use the pen tools in Freehand and Illustrator, which was a steep learning curve but both enjoyable and useful, as I also used Illustrator to trace an image for the CD packaging artwork.

I have also developed more skills in Photoshop, bringing in vector shapes and rasterizing layers, creating background images, overlays and adding shading and reflections. So far I am quite pleased with the graphical side of this assignment and my supporting sketchbook work.

I am a bit anxious about creating the A7 web page as I am not yet fully confident with the coding side, although I realize coding requires practice and partly learning through trial and error.

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